Western Warrior

‘We’re Coming For Your Children,’ MDMA ‘Cured’ White Supremacist, Wagner ‘Coup’ Attempt In Russia

Episode 271 of Western Warrior begins on Hunter Biden using his father to make big money deals yet he is not being prosecuted. The first trans US state representative was arrested in New Hampshire for distributing child porn. During a pride parade, lgbt's chanted, "we're coming for your children." Across the country, nudity and degeneracy was on full display in public, including in front of children. Austin, Texas governor banned sexually explicit performances in front of kids. Washington state passed a bill to hide "trans'' kids from "unsupportive" parents. 

A study claims that the drug MDMA caused a White supremacist to change his mind and become an "anti-racist." A liberal White man cried because he called the cops on a violent black man, which caused him to get arrested.

A Bangladeshi man suspected of raping and murdering a young polish girl was arrested in Greece.

Later, key moments on the Wagner "coup attempt" in Russia. Also, Germany's AFD won its first county leadership and the nationalist party Spartans in Greece won entry into parliament.



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