Weekend Warrior

West Coast Arsonists, Pedophile Deniers & QAnon Attacked

Episode 159 begins with quick headlines. Cardboard humans fill baseball stadiums, 911 could have been prevented if America was less White, and the Department of Energy stops pushing anti-White critical race theory training.

Dutch police uncover a soundproof torture chamber. Fundraising company MobileCause canceled their contract with the conservative Christian nonprofit the Family Research Council (FRC) because they are listed on the bogus SPLC hate map but reconsiders after new information regarding SPLC corruption. The large hadron collider creates matter from light. Anti-Trumper Governor Gretchen Whitmer is building a very large wall around her house with taxpayer money. Co-founder of the Transition Integrity Project (TIP) suggested a military coup against Trump days after his inauguration. A man filmed himself molesting an infant and shared it on Facebook. Kyle Rittenhouse, who defended himself against a pedophile, woman beater and burglar was banned but the baby rapist remains on Facebook. Also, CNN gives a convicted felon and radical communist sympathy while demonizing Kyle Rittenhouse who defended himself against him.

We discuss wildfires on the American west coast. Many arrests have been made for arson but liberals says it's disinfo to make Antifa look bad.

A 70 year old mural is taken down in Rhode Island because there's too many White people in it. CNN says poor White people are dumb for not taking advantage of their privilege and NFL charters use only young, blonde, blue eyed White stewardesses to serve athletes.

Rich White communist kids are arrested for rioting and David Pakman says cultural Marxism is an antisemitic conspiracy theory. Popular QAnon site QMap is shut down after online fact-checker published the owner's name, address, employer and social media.

It Italy, Matteo Salvini is attacked by a hysterical Congolese woman cursing him. Down under, Covid-19 madness is alive and well in Australia and New Zealand.



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