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White Boys on Notice, Trans-wombs, Learn To Code & Satanic Liberals

Episode 84 kicks off with Elizabeth Warren aka Pocahontas, who announced she’s running for president and a black journalist at the Yale student paper who says she is gathering dirt on “White boys” so she can “ruin them” 30 years from now. Also, Chase Bank closes the personal bank account of a man associated with the Proud Boys for no stated reason. A leading plastic surgeon in the UK says trans ‘women’ should be entitled to free womb transplants so they can carry a child. Laid off journalists in America, who rejoiced in getting right wingers fired, say the learn to code meme is a “harassment campaign.” A documentary called “Hail Satan” seeks to show who satanists really are...liberals. An Indian man sues his parents for giving birth to him without his consent and now wants to be paid for his life. “Russian Spy” Butina’s lawyer speaks for the first time confirming what we already know. Christians donate a lot of money to Israel every year. We take a look at The International Fellowship of Christians and Jews. Later, we provide an update on the yellow vest protests.


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You Have No Right NOT To Take The Trump Vaccine

You Have No Right NOT To Take The Trump Vaccine

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Why I Support Free Speech

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