Western Warrior

White Extremists, Illegal Biolabs, Russia To Feed Africa, ‘Kill The Boer’

Episode 275 of Western Warrior begins with extreme White people pushing the limits. Europeans have always and continue to do amazing things, setting new highs. White men can't jump? Yeah right. 

France has implemented a "safer beach program" where women can use an app to report sexual harassment (by migrants). The Imam of Peace says, "The west have imported the garbage of the Muslim world." He isn't wrong. Muslim, Pakistani Humza Yousaf wants faster replacement of the Scottish people and says the future of Scotland is Asian like him. Muslim mayor of London Sadiq Khan launches an anti-White propaganda ad aimed at reducing male on female violence. Meanwhile, there has been a surge in rape and sexual assault cases in the UK and official stats show "ethnic minorities" are disproportionately guilty. 

A black woman in America claimed she was kidnapped by a White man with orange hair. It was all a lie. Civil unrest continues in Ireland as the police use violence against anti-mass immigration protesters. 

A Jewish porn producer says that Jews started the porn industry and control Hollywood. 

Putin goes over the top to placate Africa. Russia has plans to feed Africa. South African communist leader Malema calls to "kill the Boer" once again without international outrage. 

An illegal Chinese biolab is found in California. How many more haven't been discovered?



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