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White Men Can’t Have An Opinion About “Diversity”

Episode 116 kicks off with the latest headlines. The EU court opens door to worldwide social media censorship. In the UK, Sheffield Students Union have banned White students from attending meetings in the name of anti-racism and BAFTA awards have new diversity quotas to be met in order to win the award. Extinction Rebellion activists are being paid £400 a week to lead protests. A 13 year old who made a finger gun gesture is facing felony charges and a teenage boy who touched a girl’s waist and arm faces jail time for assault.

After playing a few clips of recent clown world happenings, we cover the White female town official Susan Buchanan in Chicago who had a meltdown over White men on the council asking questions about the new Oak Park “diversity” statement. In Texas a Jewish criminal on death row, who killed a cop and abused a child, is saying the judge who sentenced him is an anti-Semite and Sen. Lindsey Graham was prank called by Russians. Also, the UN claims they are running out of money. In Sweden, a new ad agency seeks to rebel against cultural Marxist programming and farmers in the Netherlands protest against ridiculous policy to lower nitrogen emissions, grinding the country's food production and infrastructure projects to a halt.


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No-Go Zone: Beirut Blast Aftermath, Oprah & George Floyd

No-Go Zone: Beirut Blast Aftermath, Oprah & George Floyd

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