Weekend Warrior

White Men Spreading Coronavirus & Matt Heimbach Fed Larper

Lana returns from maternity leave to join us in this episode. After quick news headlines, we’ll discuss how White men are being charged as the biggest spreader of the coronavirus. Also, the former CDC chairwoman said the solution to White people who don’t want to be vaccinated is to “just get rid of the White people.” NY mayor Bill de Blasio appoints his African American wife as head of the coronavirus racial inequality task force. His wife has yet to account for nearly $900 million that went missing during the last taxpayer funded program she oversaw. We’ll cover more hysteria surrounding the virus, people being arrested for being outside and nurses making Tik Tok videos in empty hospitals. Later, we talk about Matthew Heimbach the Nazi larper extraordinaire and possible fed who just recanted for his views and is now embracing communism.



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