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White Miss Zimbabwe, Blacks Built Stonehenge, Murder Blamed On Odinism

A mudslide in Sweden, that took out a Burger King, was blamed on climate change. Self driving vehicles cause a traffic jam in Austin, Texas. Doctors from Mount Sinai Queens’ said it’s “highly likely” covid contributed to a man developing fatal prion disease, but was it the vaccine?

A White girl wins Miss Zimbabwe, which outraged blacks online, but numerous black women have won beauty pageants in European countries. A children's book teaches that blacks built Stonehenge and that the very first Britons were black. Switzerland bans the niqab/hijab face covering. In Germany, asylum seekers have the right to vote after 6 months on German soil. Meanwhile, Netanyahu wants to deport rioting Eritreans.

Zelenskyy has appointed “spirit cooking” Serbian performance artist Marina Abramovic as the Ambassador of Ukraine to rebuild educational institutes. A ritual sacrifice was blamed on "Odinism."

A ship cannon found at Marstrand, Sweden may be Europe's oldest. Also, a Norwegian man discovers a massive gold find from the pre-Viking age using a metal detector.



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