Weekend Warrior

Whiteness Is A “Parasitic Condition,” EU's Meat Tax & Groveling Liberals

Episode 132 kicks off with the latest headlines. California's governor proposed to end physical fitness tests for students because of body shaming. A psychoanalyst "expert" is lecturing on how whiteness is a malignant and parasitic condition that targets nonWhite people and requires serious intervention. New emojis have been released, including a man with a bridal veil. In the UK, a 13 year old girl is challenging her school's "trans inclusion toolkit," saying it is harmful to girls. Virginia Democrats want to give illegals free college tuition and the EU is moving ahead with a meat tax, while EU elites fine dine on steak.

After a coronavirus update, we play outrageous and hysterical video clips. We show White liberals kissing the boots of blacks, AOC's White anti-White boyfriend and MSNBC calling Iowa racist because too many White people live there. Also, "reject white guilt" stickers posted in a UK town are called deplorable and a condom eating drag queen was asked to "perform" at a highschool in Scotland.

Old interviews reveal Bloomberg and Bernie before 2020 and Democrats are pushing the New Way Forward Act trying to make it possible for criminals to come to the US and impossible for them to be deported.

Later, we discuss anti-semitism in Brooklyn coming from the black community.



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