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'Whites Realize They Belong To A Race,' Room At 'Antifa Whorehouse' & Get Vaxxed At The Strip Club

We begin with Epstein's cell guards who now has admitted that they falsified records the night the pedophile died. An old White man was almost beaten to death for helping a black couple at the side of the road. Black supremacist group 'Black Hammer' was kicked off their 'liberated land' in Colorado by the San Miguel County Sheriff's department. They had reportedly raised $65K on GoFundMe but there never was any land purchased.

Anti-White brainwashing continues in California, while Texas is banning Critical Race Theory in their schools. Tucker Carlson finally calls it by its name: Anti-White racism. We also learn about how leftists are members of an insane religious cult and the Economist is writing about how 'White Americans are beginning to realize that they also belong to a race.' Incredible, who knew?

We hear from two replacement enthusiasts: Bill Kristol and Joe Scarborough. The latter also wants to deport those Americans that aren't 'patriotic' enough for Joe.

Michele Malkin was booted from Newsmax for daring to continue to report the truth about the capitol riot on January 6th. We talk about a room rental ad at an 'antifa whorehouse' in Portland. An increasing number of leftists all of a sudden wants 'dialogue' and 'free speech' after a few of them have been canceled by conservatives for not loving Israel enough.

A guy who claimed he is a descendant of Robert E Lee has been found not to be related to the famous General. The liar, who also is a preacher, had made it up in order to advocate for more confederate statues being taken down and getting air time on TV. Meanwhile in Europe, insane liberal women want to let in more Africans so they can get attention.

On the corona front, Pfizer is telling children they are saving the world when they get vaccinated. In Las Vegas you can now get vaxxed at a strip club. We end with how the CDC are manipulating the numbers once again, this time they have changed how they report on so called 'vaccine breakthroughs.'



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