Weekend Warrior

Will Trump Fix Censorship? Soylent Bugs & Minnesota Vote For Perverse Elementary School Sex Ed

Episode 95 begins with some funny tweets. Then, the woman who wrote the Patriot Act is now working with Facebook and Google is spying on you even when you’re phone is turned off. MasterCard may be forming a “human rights committee” to oversee who uses their service. The goal is to shut down access for so called ‘far right’ groups from receiving income. Trump breaks the silence on recent social media censorship and re-tweets an Infowars video, and others who were banned. He has yet to act on it though.

In the UK, a disgusting Channel 4 commercial attacks White Englishmen but perhaps they didn’t really think it through. In the US, soylent bugs may be in the near future. Scientists say humans will eat maggot sausages as a meat alternative. Supporters of NYC’s Green New Deal seem to moving in that direction. In the Ukraine, an actor and comedian is officially the new president

A growing trend of sad liberals are marrying themselves and calling it empowering and in Minnesota, Democrats vote for an obscene “sex ed” course that shows literal pornography aimed at 5-10 year old children. Also, Vice Media raised $250 million from investors including George Soros but whines about Red Ice super chats.



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