Western Warrior

Women In Trouble, Norwegian Leftists Target 'Colonialist' Viking Explorer, Earliest Mention Of Odin

Episode 258 of Western Warrior begins on the ADL defending a child rapist and murderer, again. California's black reparations task force is now seeking $640 billion from Whites. Black residents say hand over the cash or more looting will happen. California also made it illegal to give an IQ test to blacks. Continuing on the words of Scott Adams, we can't live like this anymore. As blacks charge Whites with racism, violent antiWhite crimes are committed daily. Black violence is escalating.

South Africa is on the verge of collapse but Orania is doing just fine. Scotland's potential future first minister, a leftie antiWhite Muslim, supports abortion up until birth.

There's a trend online for women to brag about being childless and young girls, being ruined by big pharma, are posting videos about their drugs not working like they used to during the adderall shortage.

The US Army sent thousands of troops to Norway. Denmark is planning mandatory military service for women. Australia's army releases a video showing soldiers turning on their own people. Meanwhile, Russia is building a huge laser. However, Russia is also about to open their borders to the third world and is targeting ethno-nationalists.

Georgia recently passed a law that requires foreign-funded NGOs and media organizations to register as foreign agents. Lefties are rioting.

We'll discuss the collapse of Silicon Valley Bank who Forbes listed as one of America's "best banks."

Later, Viking explorer Leif Erikson was about to be canceled by a museum in Norway until people became upset. We also elaborate on the centuries old gold disc found in Denmark that shows the earliest mention of Odin.



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