Western Warrior

Women On Weed, Where Are The Trans Poster Children Now? Matt Walsh: White Nationalist

Episode 260 of Western Warrior begins on women and weed. As more females are smoking marijuana, a new study shows that smoking THC may cut a woman's egg count in half. Men's fertility is also affected by weed. A new water treatment removes "forever chemicals." Why isn't this being used on a grand scale?

A tranny is awarded woman of the year. Also, where is trans poster child Jazz Jennings now? An Oregon teacher asked students to write their sexual fantasy for an assignment and another Oregon teacher was caught in a child sex trafficking sting. A hospital in Sandpoint, Idaho is closing their labor and delivery wing, claiming that doctors are leaving because of Idaho's abortion ban.

A new multipolar world order is forming. Russian and Chinese leaders have expressed a desire for a multipolar order, as have the leaders of India or Brazil.

Douglass Mackey aka; Ricky Vaughn was found guilty for a meme and faces up to 10 years in prison and the first hijab wearing judge was appointed in the US.

Matt Walsh goes White Nationalist and talks about how Whites are the only group not allowed to look out for their own and how the Anglo-Saxon race is going extinct.



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