Western Warrior

Words Are Worse Than Death, ADL Under Fire, Moloch-Zionism, Despicable FTX Scam

Episode 246 begins with White university student Sophia Rosing who was shamed in world news after she said the N word. French politicians were outraged when an MP shouted "go back to Africa" during parliament. If only they had the same outrage over Lola who was brutally murdered by migrants.

In November ResumeBuilder.com surveyed 1,000 hiring managers across the US. Almost half of hiring managers said they were told to stop hiring straight White men. The tech industry, Disney, Amazon, Apple, Meta and more are laying off workers and implementing a hiring freeze due to a recession triggered by inflation and high interest rates.

AIPAC candidates win elections helping to advance Zionism via American taxpayers. Netanyahu is back as PM in Israel and Ben Shapiro, Jordan Peterson and Netanyahu had a cozy dinner. Also, Israel will soon become the largest gas supplier to Europe.

The ADL is being exposed for the corrupt, dirty organization that it is. We are reminded that the ADL was founded after a Jewish man raped and murdered a little girl and ultimately got lynched for his horrid crime. Meanwhile, Jonathan Greenblatt encourages Jews to use their wealth and power to defeat antisemitic and anti-Israel pressures.

We play clips from the DC Reparations March where blacks commented on race, slavery and Jews. Later, Henrik talks about a massive Jewish ritual that took place at the 1933 Chicago World's Fair.

Australian msm promotes The Satanic Temple as a symbol of freedom, claiming they are good social justice warriors. 

No surprise, LBRY lost to the SEC. Lastly, Henrik highlights interesting connections surrounding FTX and Sam Bankman Fried. What was it all really about?



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