Weekend Warrior

World War Boomer & The Anti-White Global Covid Citizen

Episode 150 begins with quick news. A BuzzFeed "reporter" who got Zerohedge banned On Twitter and who attacked Red Ice often was fired for plagiarism. Minneapolis city council members enjoy costly private security as they push to "defund the police."

Realtors are cancelling the term "master bedroom" because it’s racist. Also, Oregon and Oregon State agree to stop using the term "Civil War" to describe rivalry between football teams.

Disneyland is going to “re-imagine” the ride Splash Mountain because the song ‘Zip-a-Dee-Doo-Dah’ played on the ride is racist. America is so racist, some non-Whites are leaving and going to (mostly) other White countries. Meanwhile, World War Boomer kicks off in America. Seniors from The Villages in Florida protest against each other over Trump.

A dumb new Netflix movie will make fun of Icelandic folks (and Europeans at large). Then, we show highlights from the blatantly anti-White Global Citizen event and their efforts to fight Covid worldwide with communism. In Europe, a Sudanese asylum seeker stabbed 6 people in Scotland at a refugee hotel because he was unhappy with the free food and internet. 3 gay White men were also stabbed by a refugee in the UK.

Later, we give an update on Covid-19, which is returning for a second wave.



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