Weekend Warrior

You Have No Right NOT To Take The Trump Vaccine

In episode 145, we begin with quick news. The US Senate votes to allow the FBI to monitor browsing history without a warrant. The Senate Foreign Relations Committee is about to vote on a $38 billion package to Israel and Germany declares burning the EU flag a hate crime with a three year prison term. Trump retweets Michelle Malkin about censorship and Facebook is giving $1,000 to content moderators who said content traumatized them.

Then onto coronavirus updates. Face masks are becoming fashionable and CEOs get richer while cutting jobs. Vice Media lays off 155 staffers and Buzzfeed closes down in the UK and Australia. Struggling renters unable to pay rent claim landlords are asking for sex in exchange for rent. During lockdown, the Dutch government recommends "sex with yourself" using "vibrators" and standing 6ft apart while telling "erotic stories" but not actually having sex with your partner because covid.

We'll discuss more scaremongering and the Trump vaccine. Also, how after a press briefing, all the media and politicians took off their masks and did not distance from each other. We'll also look inside the Democrats' $3 trillion coronavirus relief bill.

Later, Denmark's first female imam opens a women women-led feminist mosque in Copenhagen.



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