Weekend Warrior

YouTube Election Interference, Real Systemic Racism, "Inside The Boogaloos"

Episode 156 begins with more on Millie Weaver's arrest and why she was indicted. Mr. Bean gives a "controversial" pro-free speech speech and YouTube will meddle with the US presidential election by censoring material that harms Democrats. Twitter rolls out a new blatantly racist policy and the DOJ accuses Yale of illegally discriminating against White and Asian-American students. In the UK, Gary Lineker says he will welcome migrants into his £4m luxury London townhouse after being called out by a Tory MP.

Far leftists announce an upcoming "51 day siege" of the White house. In Chicago BLM criminality leads to closing bridges to prevent downtown access. Also, more on Seattle protests and one in the resort town of Bend, Oregon.

More than 120 Jewish and Pro-Israel organizations call on Facebook to adopt the IHRA definition of antisemitism, which they complied with. This means you now cannot criticize Israel on Facebook. The TYT admit demographic replacement and ABC goes "inside the Boogaloos" and we think it glows.



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