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YouTube Funds TYT 'Academy' and DNA Confirms Minoans Were Europeans

Episode 133 begins on biologist Richard Dawkins in hot water for his pro-eugenics tweet. In quick news, 400 million social media users are set to lose their anonymity in India. Utah decriminalizes polygamy and Pornhub has a massive human trafficking and rape problem. Friends, Schooner Creek Farms filed a lawsuit against the city, mayor and two park employees for discrimination.

YouTube is giving $25 million, in part of the $300 million Google News Initiative, to The Young Turks to push progressive garbage. A Danish publicly-funded broadcaster DR exposes children to adult male genitalia. In America, we take a look at the “banned” postpartum ad. Anti-White Muslim London mayor, Sadiq Khan had a ‘diversity’ billboard competition and European people weren’t allowed to enter. Now This praises an artist that replaces White men in famous art with all black women.

Later, DNA tests confirm that Minoans were Northern and Western European.


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