Western Warrior

Zoomer Nightmare, Diversity Officer Layoffs, Yuval 'WEF' Harari On 'Jewish Cabal'

Episode 274 begins on the brutal random attack of a young French model, and her boyfriend by northern Africans, because she was wearing a crop top. 

The Indigenous Scholars Group says that listening for alien civilization is "eavesdropping" and "surveillance." Also, many worry about White males colonizing space. 

In good news, diversity officers are being laid off en masse and some companies are scaling back on racial justice commitments because it doesn't profit. Since the Supreme Court struck down affirmative action in college admissions and companies, many are bracing for potential legal challenges. Florida’s new African American studies curriculum standards will force public schools to teach two sides of slavery.

Boomers get made fun of often but zoomers are a nightmare. We'll do a quick deep dive into a few funny clips showing fascinating behavior from our rich liberal culture.

Massive migrant barges are coming to Europe, being forced onto people who do not want it, such as the one that just landed at the Portland Port in the UK carrying 506 men. 

WEF's "brain" and Jewish historian Yuval Noah Harari tells Jewish Lex Friedman that there is no powerful Jewish cabal, using a straw man for his argument. 

Later, former staffers say that Steven Crowder showed his genitals to several male employees. That is pretty gay.



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